A creative writing series to wake up the senses
and stretch the brain to develop ideas into a finished writing piece. 
The purpose of these workshops are to let the participant step out
of their everyday thinking habits
and discover how to open their eyes and mind to allow their creative juices flow. 
What transpires is an opportunity to relax in a supportive environment
and through the exercises interspersed with information,
find new and interesting ways to expand, develop and use their writing skills.
And, ultimately, to discover your own unique writing style
so you can build on your strengths as a writer.


a mind-expanding experience

to be given upon registration

REGISTRATION:  in advance through PayPal

Move from linear, analytical thinking to a more
intuitive, multi-directional process of writing.

In doing so, it frees us to explore what we know in new, insightful ways.

This workshop is for the adventurous
who wants to step away from the rule book
and play with notions that will expand your observation skills
and put you in touch with your imagination.

Once we limber up your brain by stretching,
massaging, and tickling it with TLC,
you will then invent your story from a whole new perspective.

This workshop can open your mind
to prepare for your writing projects
with unexpected and rewarding results.

Are you up for the challenge?



Dreams can be symbolic, literal, prophetic, instructive or completely nonsensical.
They can also be a tool for writing.

This workshop is a bit of dream interpretation entwined with the writing process.
Learn how to pay more attention to dreams, use them to guide your writing,
solve story problems, break through writer's block
or add another dimension to action, dialogue, characters and structure.

Develop skills for using your dreams to enhance your stories,
interactive and individual writing assignments will be completed during the session.


A creative writing series to wake up the senses and stretch the brain
to develop ideas into finished writing place.
Step out of your everyday thinking habits
and discover how to open your eyes and mind
to allow your creative juices to flow.

Relax in a supportive environment during this specific time and place,
through exercises interspersed with ideas and concepts
to broaden, develop and use your writing skills.

>>'WACKY' WRITING -- A mind expanding experience
>>DREAMING YOUR STORY -- using dreams to help guide your writing
>>PUZZLING IDEAS -- how to piece ideas together to create the big picture
>>SPEED DATING WITH CHARACTERS -- meet characters and find the right match for your story
>>DEAR DIARY -- personal writing in its many forms
>>WRITING ART -- how works of art can inspire your story




A nostalgic and pratical look at the art of letter writing

and its historical and current value
as well as personal significance of connecting to each other and ourselves. 
How to enhance, expand and develop relationships with the written word in its various forms. 
Find out how to make it easier to put aside time to write,
the importance of what you have to say and how writing benefits you,
and the connections you make by continuing this beautiful tradition. 
We will also cover techniques for writing different kinds of letters
such as thank you notes, condolences, diary entries,
and how to incorporate social media with the art of letter writing. 
This will be an interactive workshop with exercises and actual letter writing in 3 different forms. 
Bring your address book.
It will be a fun and productive time! 

The materials kit will provide everything you will need in class
including US postage stamps for mailing, stationary, pen, handouts and additional stationary
to continue your letter writing and a folder to keep it all.


FEEDBACK from participants . . .

Most Valuable part of the workshop:  "materials kit exceeded expectations ... 
sharing books on the subject ...
ways/methods to make us inspired to continue writing ...
learning how to be creative with letter writing supplies ...
balance between work and lecture ... clever & creative ideas I received! ... 
hands on writing exercises ...
actually writing the notecards and letters was great! ...
all the effort and research that she shared with us ...
how to get good starting phrases to start thoughts flowing ...
being creative with letter writing and learning about all the tools and books and the exercises ...
evoking ALL the so many creative ways to write letters and enjoying it ..."

"It was fantastic -- have not been in a writing class for awhile -- and she made it fun as well as informative and useful."

"You inspire me to write more often.  I am considering writing some kind of note every day for a year! 
I am off to a good start."

"I absolutely loved the positive energy.  Thank you very much!"

"Thank you very much for a great day!  You have added some great things to my perspective, letter writing, and year. 
I enjoyed you on a personal level as well.  With
great appreciation,  Anne"

"Enjoyed hearing how passionate you are about letter writing." 

  "Thank you for having this class and being true.  You're an inspiration."

"May your mailbox be full of personal letters!"

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