Personalized healing mandalas are used to create healing energy and inner peace.

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      Mandalas are an ancient art form
used throughout the ages
in a multitude of cultures
for various rituals and meditations.

They are used as a tool to create

healing energy from the inside outward.

The mandalas drawn here are on black art paper.   

After a process, a white colored pencil is used to create the basic design.
Once the design is completed there is a waiting period to allow the design to settle in, so to speak.

Then when the time is right, color is applied.

Only premium colored pencils are used in the drawing.
The coloring process usually takes at least twice as long to complete as the design.
The colors specifically chosen for your individual design are what evoke the healing energy.

It is then set into a very basic black frame.
The mandala is the focal point so the frame needs to be almost invisible,
utilized as a protective covering for your mandala.

My journey to explore mandalas began in 1992.

The very first mandala I created was a life-changing experience and continues to be.
Over the years, the process has gone through an evolution
and I am always surprised and amazed at how the design emerges
into a personal road map of an individual's life.

 I have made mandalas for many people and no matter how many I make,
each one is as original as the person it is made for -- as it should be.
They have also been ordered as a gift for family or close friends
and I've even made a set for a wedding gift --
two small mandalas (6" X 6") for the bride and groom separately
and a full size mandala for the couple together.

Everything from design to color has meaning 

but it is best revealed when the person it was created for gazes upon it.
It is meant to bring inner peace and therefore, a type of inner healing.
If you feel unfocused, the mandala is there for you.
Even when you are happy,
look to it in gratitude and it will enhance your experience.
They are used to understand our life experiences and ourselves.

ife is a blessing and your mandala is a way of celebrating your life.
It has been created for you and you alone.
Ultimately, it is up to you what you choose to gain from its presence.

Measurements:  12" X 12"

And as with all things created here, this is made with the utmost care and love.

If you have any specific questions regarding the creative process
or need additional information on ordering your own personal healing mandala,
please do not hesitate to email us at: 

 Your mandala is not only personal for you alone but it is also an original work of art.
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