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COST:   including materials and handouts 
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CALL:   818 423 0668

  This workshop is interactive, including an Oracle Reading. 

It has been said that our deepest fear is not
that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure.

And we fear what we don’t understand.

 So we must find the courage to face who we truly are
and understand how we can best utilize this power within --
this power that creates our own world and in turn, the world at large.

 Creating from the power within us is a constant process
and more effective when we do it consciously.

 So join us on a self-discovery journey
using techniques, oracles and shared information
to connect with your power through the creative process. 

Whether it’s creating a more fulfilling life
or tapping into your artistic flow,
face your fear and Dare To Be Creative!

Coax your inner spark to come out and light up the world.

Personalized healing mandalas are used to create healing energy and inner peace.

2 day intensive workshop
  TIME for all dates:  9:30am - 1:30 pm
4 hour time period both days 
since the class runs through lunchtime, be sure to eat before coming;
a light 'spa' snack will be provided during a short break at each session
PRE-CLASS PREP:  upon registration --  a short, preparation exercise
will be provided in preparation of the first class 
COST:  includes 2- 4 hour sessions and complete Materials Kit* 
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Space is Limited

for Questions or More Information:
PHONE:  818 752 6771 
EMAIL:  contactus@paperarchitect. com

*Materials Kit - all supplies and materials used during class, for homework
and to take home for future use is included in the price of the workshop
premium art supplies plus lots of great surprises you'll enjoy

This workshop is an intensive exploration over 2 sessions (plus Homework)
that will go into a step by step progression with exercises in each session
to apply what you learn so you are ready to create your own full size mandala (12" X 12").
Then how to apply color, understand the design you have created,
interpret its meaning and how to use them for your personal benefit will be covered.

The difference between designing your own mandala
as opposed to coloring a pre-made mandala cannot be compared.
Creating your own personal mandala that reflects who you are
and where you are in your life is an amazing process
that can only be understood when you experience it for yourself.

Life is a blessing and your mandala is a way to celebrate your life.

The mandala shown above and that you will make in the workshop
are created on black art paper with white pencil.
Everything from design to color has meaning for the specific person it's created for.
It is meant to bring inner peace and therefore, a type of inner healing.
No art experience is necessary.

This is not an abbreviated class that gives you the 10 cent tour.
This workshop is set up so that you will be able to leave with a clear,
comprehensive understanding of mandalas from multiple resources / points of view
and their connection to all things.  
This workshop has the potential of possibly changing your life.

2 day workshop; 4 hours each day
with homework between classes

Materials Kit includes all the pre-measured and cut art paper
you will need for the exercises and mandalas you will create,
9 premium colored pencils,
plus additional supplies to be used throughout the workshop,
for homework and future use.

to keep an intimate atmosphere and provide personal interaction
and attention to your projects.  No art experience needed.

 for workshop information contact: Paper Architect
by phone 818 423 0668 or e-mail:  contactus@paperarchitect.com

be sure to visit our blog:  http://www.createhealingmandalas.blogspot.com/

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mandalas are one of the oldest art forms in existence.

They have been used throughout the ages as a way of creating healing energy
and to understand our life experiences and ourselves.

In this time of instability and chaos, there is a need for some
kind of constant or anchor to keep a balance in our hectic lives.
Mandalas can be used as a tool to help us focus and
give us a starting point to clear the chaos and find inner peace.

If you are interested in finding out more about mandalas,
you are invited to join us for a FREE INTRO TALK (dates will be posted here)
or check out our BLOG (link is below).
And get a sneak peak at the upcoming workshops.

what mandalas are, how they are used, how they relate to you.    

                                              techniques for designing mandalas.

your own personalized healing mandala.

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